Pandawan is a service that makes it easy to create and manage all teaching and learning activities, be it building online journals, enhancing collaboration, self-development workshops or applied approaches.
Where Pandawan specializes in the Open Journal System, it can be accessed on the Pandawan.id website.
Pandawan can realize all customer expectations 24/7, with persistence and high commitment.
Pandawan is the right solution for every educational institution and organization around the world who wants to start and develop a journal publisher’s wings.
Trust Pandawan, because absolutely everything is made determined. Because it has been proven to have 6 happy users, more than 1000 visitors, and has ranked alexa rank of less than 10,000 in Indonesia.
Not only through the website, Pandawan can also be accessed through 3 ways namely, email, mobile number and social media that flexibly serve using love.
There are 4 special packages as the best Pandawan services, everything to make customers happy.
Vision of Pandawan :
Become a trusted e-commerce website and provide the best products in terms of quality and service to consumers.
Mission of Pandawan :
1. Present superior quality products.
2. Developing useful technology software or journals.Present superior quality products.



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